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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Inspirational film - "Man Named Pearl"

The iris are in bloom!

If Spring hasn't lifted your spirits -- the film "A Man Named Pearl" will do so.  Pearl Fryar is an incredible gardener and topiary artist.

Self-trained and wonderfully giving, the film captures his love of gardening, his artistic spirit, his desire to share his love of the natural world and his work with school children.  Another great plus is the love story shared by Pearl and his wife.  A must see.  It is available on Netflix or you can purchase it from Amazon.  Visit his website.

Gotta go plant beans.  Enjoying asparagus, escarole and French Breakfast radish from my garden for dinner tonight. Must admit I've never seen radish served for breakfast in France & my French beau, Roland, considers it an American invention.  However, he does enjoy sliced radish with a hefty dab of Normandy butter & fleur de sel on a baguette for an appetizer with a glass of white burgundy. Oh those French!

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