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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tiny Houses

Are you familiar with the “tiny house” movement?  NPR has a fascinating program on the subject.  The New York Times has written of the movement as well.   How great to see folks downsizing instead of lusting for MacMansions!   

My college roomie, Rebecca, began exploring this option in the last few years.  After reading, taking workshops etc. she took the plunge over a year ago in building her own “camp” on land owned by her family for many years in Fair Haven, Vermont. 

By way of background info, Rebecca is one of the most spiritual persons I know with a quasi-Emersonian/Helen & Scott Nearing orientation.  I’ve witnessed her très soigné in Paris as well as at ease climbing peaks in Sedona. 

She has the intellectual and emotional resources to savor the small as well as the large expanses.  Any hoo, if ever I can find some inexpensive land, I intend to follow her lead.   Query:  will the two pups adjust to limited space?

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